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We are RunningAway(.ca) Together …

This is the official web site of Alexandra and Paige Misener, and their Dad. We are a family on the run from an abusive situation, and the authorities that would have us return for more. It is hard to believe that this has gone on so long, that a country like Canada could get away with this. It makes no sense. But its 100% true.

We are being watched!!  We are receiving thousands of unique visitors every week, sending more than a hundred documents every day.  Canada, Australia, Germany, France and even Saint Pierre et Miquelon are tuning in.  Thanks to our friends at Signal High News, the situation is being shared internationally.  What we need to do is transform this support into action. Please take a look at our How to Help section, pick a few options and give your voice, your time or your financial support.  Share this site so when it hits the legal system, we can all stand together.

We are anxiously awaiting the result of Canada's latest attempt to separate the Miseners-in-Exile and force the twins back into an abusive environment. At the same time, we have commenced the steps necessary for protracted litigation to make sure this stops and never happens to any child ever again. No more secret court dates, no more police ineptitude and no more judges making decisions without consulting the subject children. Canada needs to change its ways once and for all. Alex, Paige and their Dad are going to make it happen.

If this is your first visit, we suggest you start with Documents and People. When you are ready, we invite you to read How to Help and ask for your support. You are always welcome to Contact us.


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When the girls were ten years old, they were assaulted and abused by Jason Kenneth Whittington, then boyfriend and later husband of their biological mother, Kelly Nina Campbell. Not only was Campbell aware of this, she helped him conceal his acts. The police, child protection authorities and courts made one mistake after another, showing they are entirely incompetent, refusing to even meet with the girls to hear what happened. Well its time they listen, and it is time that everybody knows the truth.