Alex, Paige and Me

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I never thought I would be publishing something like this. I never thought I would ever find myself in these circumstances, that my children would ever have to live through such horror, that the police, child protection authorities and courts would ever get it so wrong.

Two years ago, my amazing, awesome kids were sexually abused by their mother's boyfriend, Jason Whittington. Their mother, Kelly Campbell, was present. Everything was properly reported but there were so many screwups and mishaps that police, when they eventually investigated, had no evidence. Since that point, my kids have been able to avoid their mother despite court appearance after court appearance.

Well not long ago, their mother hit the jackpot. Judge J. Gibson ordered that Kelly (their mother) will have access every other weekend, and when I refused to serve them up for more abuse, he ordered the local police to enforce.

So the girls had a choice, they could just go and be further abused, or they could refuse and get beaten by police, then get abused. Well we made a third option. I love my kids more than anything on this planet. I raised them on my own and continue to be their only parent. For the courts to make this decision, without even consulting the girls, is disgusting. My girls are strong, independent young women and I am so proud of them, and so privileged to be their father. So I gave everything up for them to protect them on their journey.

But you be the judge. Take a look at the documents. Read about our journey. Explore the site.