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Crowdfunding Helps Families, Changes Lives
Miseners-in-Exile rely on commmunity support to overcome police negligence, systemic breakdown

10 May 2022 (Tuesday) Kyle Janzen, Signal High News Corporation for BadCop.Online, PowerGames.Online.

Fifty years ago, when friends or neighbors fell on hard times the community (usually the women) organized bake sales, raffles and other fundraisers to help out. People donated what they could reasonably afford because they wanted to support each other - stand up for whats right, whats just - do their part. Fast forward to today. Online services such as have harnessed the power of the internet, enabling access to a much larger, sometimes international audience.

For some time now, we have been following the Miseners - a Canadian family that fled an abusive situation in Canada, running away to the tiny French archipelago of Saint Pierre et Miquelon, south of Newfoundland. The children were terribly abused by their mother and her boyfriend, and the whole investigation fell through cracks in the child protection, police and justice system. In order to get justice in Canada, they had to leave Canada, and help is still much needed to keep the children safe and secure.

They have survived months of isolation, dozens of court appearances in a language they are only beginning to learn, forced separation at the request of the Canadian government and reunification thanks to a highly skilled lawyer, seizure of computers and other electronic equipment without warrant, not to mention the countless legal campaigns mounted by Canada and failures of the French prosecutor to simply get rid of them. The way they have been treated is terrible. I am certain it will make for a good book. Despite all of this, and more, they have so far, somehow, survived and recently launched protracted litigation to make sure the same thing never happens to anyone else.

The Miseners have relied in part on the support and generousity of family, friends and the greater community. Prohibited from working, and with slowed business interests, they have to make rent, groceries, medical and other basic living expenses, not to mention a hefty but entirely worth while legal bill. It is their initiative that makes the difference. But raising money to cover monthly expenses for two young girls is not always easy.


According to organizers for the Miseners, if a hundred people each donated twenty-five dollars at the start of every month, the entire cost of keeping the children safe and secure would be covered.

If a hundred people each donated a hundred dollars at the start of every month, the family could better manage its legal bills and explore opportunities that might change their situation for the better. This reporter spends more than a hundred dollars a month on coffee I could just as easily make at home.

Unfortunately, the battle isn't even close to being over for the Miseners, and as spring approaches this writer can only hope that readers feel compelled to be part of the solution, that they are prepared to do the right thing - not just for the Miseners, but for others in need as well. You can see the latest news for this at:
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Miseners-in-Exile Fire Back
Alex, Paige and Dad Clayton Commence Litigation to Bring Change and Protect Children

29 March 2022 (Tuesday) Kyle Janzen, Signal High News Corporation for BadCop.Online

The Misener family is firing back against the officials and institutions that failed to protect little Alex and Paige, and instead re-victimized them. Through their lawyer, Maitre Matthew Reardon (of Saint Pierre et Miquelon, France), the Miseners have issued disclosure demands and taken the first steps toward commencing litigation.

Included are the Niagara Regional Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, Family and Children Services Niagara, the Attorneys General for Canada and Ontario, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, the Childrens Aid Society of Haldimand Norfolk, and many more. They also list individual police officers and government officials personally.

It is not known when the lawsuit will be filed or what court it will be filed in, but Clayton Misener (Dad) said in a recent telephone conversation that "the list will double, maybe triple as time goes on." He furthered, "our objective is to go after everyone who touched this case, to make sure it never happens to anyone else ever again." Signal High will be following this case as it makes its way through the courts.

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Repeat violent offender in Canada targets twelve-year-old girls in France. Again.
Canadian runaway Misener Twins targeted by the same man who abused them.

14 March 2022 (Monday) Kyle Janzen, Signal High News Corporation for BadCop.Online

Sources in the French justice department have confirmed that Jason Kenneth Whittington, age thirty-nine of Canfield, Ontario, is being investigated for making death threats, harassing, causing distress and violating personal property. Whittington is the husband of Kelly Campbell who is the biological mother of Alexandra and Paige Misener, the victims named in the complaint. Alex and Paige, as they are known, fled Canada for their safety and found themselves caught in the middle of an international legal dispute.

Whittington is accused of sexually abusing the twins and causing them to flee Canada. He has a violent criminal history, extensive psychiatric and mental health deficiencies, and serious substance addiction problems. Whittington claims that the girls are in love with him and that they have mental health issues, although no credible evidence of this has been produced by Whittington or anybody else.

What is absolutely apparent is that the safety and security of these girls is paramount. Their father, Clayton Misener, who has custody of the girls has resurrected "" and is using it to raise awareness and ask for help. "This creep is the creation of the Canadian courts. What kind of judge would even think about forcing two little girls into an environment where they were abused like that," said Clayton Misener in a telephone call from Saint Pierre et Miquelon. "We came here to get out of the path of the devil and start over, but this piece of crap won't leave us alone."

Ontario Provincial Police stated that Whittington "uses violence to solve his problems" and expressed serious concern about him. While it may be tempting to confront the accused, please do not; they be psychologically unfit, volatile and even armed. It is unclear why Whittington is free and the Niagara Regional Police Service would not discuss his particular case.

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Mother of runaway twins may face criminal charges on French island.
Canadian Kelly Campbell implicated in abandonment allegations following the sexual abuse of children.

14 March 2022 (Monday) Kyle Janzen, Signal High News Corporation for BadCop.Online.

French justice officials have confirmed a criminal investigation is underway into the abandonment of children Alexandra and Paige Misener at the hands of Kelly Nina Campbell, their "biological mother." The allegations include financial malfeasance and failure to provide the essentials, and stem from the time period between 2015 and today.

Kelly Nina Campbell
According to a source, Campbell, who is forty-three and lives in Canfield, Ontario, has been trying for several years, in Canada and more recently in France, to force the girls to her home in Canada; but the girls continue to refuse and decline contact with her. They and their father eventually fled Canada and sought asylum on the French archipelago of Saint Pierre et Miquelon.

Alexandra and Paige are in the lawful custody of their father, Clayton Misener. Court records show the girls have expressed fear that abuse suffered at the hands of Campbell's husband Jason Whittington, and allegedly concealed by Campbell herself, will simply recommence, that a return to Canada would have severe consequences and put them in extreme danger.

The family has a web site "" where the public can read about their situation and offer help and encouragement. The site presents a really good number of official documents and explanations. Warning, it is a really tough read. Neither Kelly Campbell nor Jason Whittington replied by deadline. All parties are innocent until proven guilty. Please do not approach any accused party as they may be psychologically volatile, armed and dangerous.

Kyle Janzen is an investigative reporter for Signal High News Corporation (e-mail to: