Alex, Paige and Me


This is a list of people you should know and avoid. They have all been part of the problem at one time or another. If you have information about these sub-humans, please fill us in as we will use it to attack their credibility in court. You remain completely anonymous. We are not asking you to take any action against these rodents; however, if you choose to (which is totally your choice and entirely uninspired by us) please consider sending us pictures or messages from an anonymous e-mail address. Remember that violence is never the answer, but nothing isn't the answer either. The human existence is such that we are always trying to find that acceptable place between violence and subservience.

Kelly Nina Campbell (Female, 17 May 1978).
Campbell is the biological mother of Alex and Paige. She lives at 28 Talbot Road in Canfield, Ontario - part of Haldimand Country, minutes from Dunville. She is married to Jason Kenneth Whittington, the man who sexually abused Alex and Paige. They have a son together, Miles Henry Whittington, and see two boys Whittington has from a previous marriage, Riley and Jacob. She was present on several occasions the girls were abused and helped Whittington cover-up and conceal his acts. Neither Alex nor Paige want any contact with Campbell. They continue to avoid her at all costs. It was the anticipation of forced contact with Campbell that drove the girls to flee Canada in the first place. Campbell most recently worked as a veterinary assistant at several animal hospitals in her area. Her last known e-mail address is:

Jason Kenneth Whittington (Male, 27 July 1982).
Jason Whittington, the man who sexually abused Alex and Paige, lives at 28 Talbot Road in Canfield with biological mother Kelly Campbell and their son together Miles. He has two boys from a previous marriage that he sees, Riley and Jacob.

The following statements are from professional and independent assessments: Whittington is a high risk, dangerous offender with a history of violence and abuse tending to attack women (his own partners and children included). He has attempted suicide on more than five occasions and speaks freely about his violent and menacing thoughts. He has been diagnosed as having a multiplicity of serious mental or emotional conditions including severe personality disorder, social anxiety, alcohol disorder, cluster B personality traits including narcissism borderline personality antisocial disruptive mood major depression disorder and others. The Ontario Provincial Police say that Jason will use violence to help solve the problems he is facing and that they have an extreme concern for Jason being released. Jason Wellington has been investigated several times by child protection authorities, most recently for assaulting his son grabbing and lifting by his chest/throat against the door. The psychiatrist who performed this assessment determined "access to children has been supervised in the past and should be reinstated same given the potential for harm and neglect, and his risk for suicide. "Jason Whittington described his loss of control as pleasant and blamed others for his behaviour. Additional information about Whittington can be found in the documents section of this site.

Jeremie Nadeau
Nadeau is the lawyer of record for Kelly Campbell and Jason Whittington. He practices under the name Your Legal Services and MNK & Associates. He maintains offices in the Landmark Building at 43 Church Street in St. Catharines. His phone number is +1 (905) 641-4446, Fax +1 (905) 641-4459, and e-mail

We do not have a complete file for Mr. Nadeau. If you are another former client, or a person who knows Nadeau or any of his business partners, please reach out to us so we can complete this file and publish


Detective Constable Ashley Horton of the Ontario Provincial Police (Cayuga Detachment) would be the undisputed winner if there was a Negligence in Policing Award. Horton took our criminal complaint, couriered to her directly by the Niagara Regional Police, home with her without telling anyone. She sat on it for weeks. When she finally decided to return to work, she delayed interviewing the girls for some time more, and when she did get around to it, she fed them pounds of sugar and rushed them in and out the door. Detective Constable Ashley Horton has refused to hand over reports, notes and other material demanded under freedom of information law. Her negligence and evasion ranks her as top scum in this case, and she earned just shy of $120,000 that year. Phone 905-772-3322, fax 905-772-5815. We are not going to release her personal or family information at this time. Stay tuned.


None of the judges of the Superior Court (Family Court) have met or spoken to the girls. They have all been invited, but none have bothered. Judge Wendy MacPherson hasn't met the girls, Judge J. Gibson hasn't met the girls, yet both made devastating orders against them. Gibson practically sentenced them to further abuse at the hands of Jason Whittington, by force of police, without even seeing what they look like. We are not going to divulge the personal tragedies surrounding these judges at this time, but we have a lot of dirt.

MacPherson forced the girls out of extracurricular activities and has held secret trials in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, while the same matters were being tried in France, without giving proper notice whatsoever. Arrogance! The topics and outcomes of these trials is still unknown. MacPherson gave the order for Whittington to stay away from the girls that was in force when he began abusing them, but these details don't bother her.


Detective Constable Justin Blanchfield and Detective Sergeant Dennis Otsi of the Niagara Regional Police Force are the investigators in charge of our case. I reached out to them early on to try and diffuse the situation, but heard back from only one (Blanchfield). He didn't even actually respond to my message, he just lectured me with a bravado that only police can deliver. Had he been more receptive to the security concerns of the girls, we may not have fled. Police like to tell, but don't listen well. Blanchfield lets his telephone ring non-stop and has no voice mail. We gave up trying. Fortunately, another police officer was kind enough to detail the force they were going to use on the girls in the most threatening and intimidating way possible. We dropped everything and fled. Neither of these two winners have even met the girls. Blanchford can not be reached at (905) 688-4111 ext. 100711. We have a ton of stuff on these guys and will be publishing shortly.