Special Report

Hi! My name is Jenn Flaire and I am a friend of Clayton's. I have been trying to load .PDF documents into the Friends of Alex and Paige FB page but technical difficulties clouded that. This page solves that.

The information on this page is very important to our shared objective. It exposes the truth. It exposes corruption. And I have many more to come. Please take a moment to read through it an share it as much as you possibly can.


Clayton, Paige and Alexandra have jumped from one boiling pot of water into another and another since the day they had to run away. I am happy that Clayton has finally been cleared of all the accusations in France that Canada could dream up but now they are being forced to leave. Nice shady deal. And we all know that Canadian officials will be there to arrest them (maybe violently), split them up and force them into jail/detention facilities. We all know that they will even force Paige and Alexandra to encounter their "biological" mother and the man who abused them so horribly. They are being punished because they spoke up and tried to protect themselves.

This is terrible. It cannot happen. Clayton is so afraid for Paige and Alexandra he is an emotional mess. Not only did Canada do wrong by this family, Canada coerced France into doing wrong too. Betraying their own EU Charter. Someday these power brokers will be brought to justice, but that day is not today. Today we have to deal with what is facing the family.

This is what I am writing about.

The only chance for Clayton and the strong young women who call him Dad, is getting those ridiculous charges in Ontario dropped for good. This is where it all started. This is the root of all evil. This is where it has to end. To do this they need a good lawyer. Right now. And there are two very good reasons they need this: Jason Whittington and Kelly Campbell.

Jason Whittington is the preditor-pedofile who sexually abused the young women we are all here to support. He did it when they were only ten. He did it while on a court order to stay clear of them. He did it after police asked that he not be released from an inmate psychiatric facility. He did it after leading psychiatrists warned he would reoffend. He did it while his zombified wife, Kelly Campbell, offered her own children up for his sickness, watched his filthy acts and then called the girls liars and bitches when they begged her for help. You can read all of this for yourself in the documents.

Everyone needs to see who we are truly up against. Its them!!

Just to the right of this message are links to documents: psychiatric assessments, police assessments, proof of his violent criminal history, proof that his children were taken away due to his violent acts, proof that the childrens aid society returned his children in error and more. These are all documents that Clayton filed in the courts in hopes they would help. They didn't.

All are Adobe .PDF format, non-malicious. Just click, open and read.

The judges seem just fine with the girls being around Whittington every other weekend. Clayton is convinced they didn't even read the file. I am convinced they just don't care. But this is why Clayton took his precious children and ran away. Nobody believed them. Nobody in authority protected them. How do you think Alex and Paige felt? Kelly Campbell even admitted Whittington was touching them on television and still nothing!! She said FACS told him not to and that was it!!

What else was Clayton to do? I know Clayton. He is law abiding trustworthy and has never used drugs. He has served his community in many ways. His girls call him boring. There is no way he would have done this unless he truly felt he had no choice. And when you read these files, you see he had absolutely no choice.

This is just the tip. And this is why they need a lawyer who is up to the challenge. I think this will turn into a high profile case that lawyers will reference in court into the future Without the immediate help they need, I fear that Paige, Alexandra and Clayton will continue to be railroaded by this horrible sytsem while it struggles to cover its own ass. I just can't see them making it.

Please read, share as widely as possible, help Caroline raise funds and start making phone calls. This is a real and true emergency situation. Call the police and family services and demand a complete review. Call the attorney general and the assistant crown prosecutor in your area and demand a complete case review, that charges be dropped. Put pressure on the news to feature this story in their papers, radio stations and television. Share these documents with them again and again.

Please help with this push. Together we can make it work, or give up an let it happen.

- Jenn

Disturbing psychiatric assessment of Jason Whittington while he was being held at a facility in Hamilton, Ontario.

Letter from a Children's Aid Society admitting Whittington is very dangerous but releasing him regardless. Whittington went on to strangle his son.

Affidavit laying out some of the details of the case.

Security assessment of Jason Whittington and Kelly Campbell.

This is one of several sentences (probation in this case) that Jason Whittington was given by the criminal courts, and routinely brags about violating.

Apprehension warrants issued for Jason Whittington's children after a violent episode.