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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A2

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

I am writing to express my deep concern over a horrible situtation involving the sexual abuse and revictimization of two little Canadian girls, the absolute failure on the part of the system that should have protected them, and the intolerable actions of the Government of Canada that followed.

Several years ago, Alexandra and Paige Misener were sexually abused by their mother's husband. They reported this abuse to the child protection service as well as the police, and a systematic breakdown ensued. Eventually, the girls had no choice but to flee Canada for their own safety. The girls fled with their father to the French archipelago of Saint Pierre and Miquelon where they requested asylum. The website presents documentary proof that the girls were abused and that the system failed them.

I wish the story ended here, but it does not. Since their arrival in France, the family has been subject to the most unusual and unconventional treatment at the hands of the French, acting at the behest of the Canadian Government. I am so deeply ashamed that my government would act in such a way and demand it stop, now. Having read through the documents on their site, I can draw only one conclusion: the government of Canada, and the various authorities involved with this matter, are punishing this family for embarassing them. This is not Canadian!! They have been seized, threatened, denied access to their lawyer as well as their consular representatives. They have been separated and the children withheld until the father "voluntarily" signed a coerced statement to police. This is rubbish. That the Government of Canada would have a hand in this is outrageous and smacks of the Mahar Arar affair. I expect and demand better.

I would invite you to review the web site You should reach out to them since nobody in your government has bothered to. This letter is part of a new, growing campaign to bring public awareness to the way this family has being revictimized over and over and over again by their own government. Mr. Trudeau, you are a father. Put yourself in the shoes of this family running from a situation that would have them raped and potentially worse while the corrupt and negligent police, social service workers and judges pat each other on the back for a job well done. I am beyond disappointed with your government for what it has done, and what it continues to do. I demand that efforts to return this family stop at once!!!

I demand a full and complete investigation, that the family be properly compensated and set free at once. After everything they have been through, can you blame them for not wanting to return to Canada? Can you blame them for not trusting Canadian officials? I will continue to follow this online and through the press, and I commit to you that the voices of many will be heard and that Canadians will stand in solidarity with the Miseners. Whatever action you take, or choose not to take, my faith in the child protection system is shattered, and this will be a key election issue for me. I demand you put a stop to this at once!!